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Broken Swords and Battered Shields

Broken Swords and Battered Shields

Broken Swords & Battered Shields, from visioNation Studios, is for the advanced gamer who wants the synergy of both realism and a boundary-free system. The system puts the rules of the game into the hands of the Lorekeeper so that each game is different based solely on the imagination of each individual. It utilizes the RARE (Realistic Advanced Roleplaying Engine) system. RARE provides a set of rules with both realistic structure, (such as body parts with points instead of a single hit point pool), and flexibility (a system for creating spells is provided, but each player creates their own spells).

BS&BS uses a percentage-based system for all rolls intended to determine success or failure. This includes all skills, saves, and attacks. Damage rolls still utilize some of the other dice, for ease of use.

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Setting Page last updated: 7 September 2008