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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Crown of the Kobold King

Crown of the Kobold King

From the first words of the Adventure Background, you are drawn into a vivid world, the ruinous reign of a kobold king who has been blighted from the outset... but worse is to befall him in the shape of your characters!

Although presented as a simple search for some missing children, there are a lot of things going on in and around the township of Falcon's Hollow which will make the characters' task far more complex... and the adventure a rich and entertaining one. All the 'random encounters' which the characters might have in their travels are detailed, with the monsters or NPCs that they might meet having good reasons to be where they are, rather than just being combat-fodder. Likewise, once in to the dungeon where their quest leads them, there's a reason for everything and everyone they meet.

Despite the complexity, everything is presented clearly with all necessary information well-placed to facilitate the smooth running of the adventure. Moreover, there is extra detail about the township, the people in it and the likely aftermath of the adventure to enable you to kickstart a whole campaign if that's your wish - even down to the longterm effects of this episode on the children, should the party succeed in rescuing them. Overall, an excellent low-level adventure with plenty of challenge and excitement.

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Reviewed: 10 August 2008