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James Bond 007 RPG: A View to a Kill

A View to a Kill

The box set contains a 48-page adventure, player handouts in an 'MI6' envelope and a GM screen/map showing San Francisco and a chateau.

Publisher's blurb: "One of our '00' agents has disappeared!

"BRIEFING: M.I.6 operative 004 is missing. His assignment was to infiltrate deep into the Soviet Union to retrieve a stolen microchip that is vital to England's national defense. 004 never arrived at his rendezvous point, and now someone must be sent into the frozen Siberian wastelands to find him. But the stolen microchip is just the tip of the iceberg - there is a conspiracy afoot that could disrupt the world's economy. Is there enough time left to track down the ruthless mastermind and stop his earth-shattering plot?

"MISSION: The killing cold of Siberia and the ever-present KGB imperil your search for 004 and the missing microchip. If you survive, you will be assigned to learn how the microchip fell into Soviet hands. A seemingly routine investigation takes on a grimmer aspect as you discover clues that point to a madman's lust for power. From atop the Eiffel Tower to the Major Villain's airborne headquarters, you will discover the meaning of what it is to go from A View to a Kill."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Gerard Christopher Klug
Publishers' Reference: VG35014
ISBN: 0-912515-35-X
Box set
Date: 1985

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Product page last updated: 9 August 2008