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James Bond 007 RPG: Villains


Fine opposition for your agents, all developed in sufficient detail for you to create exciting adventures featuring them. The box set contains a 72-page book with the major villains, a separate 10-page 'MI6' dossier to give to the players and a 32-page book on SMERSH, including an adventure, The Branded Man.

Publisher's blurb: "More vicious then Goldfinger...more enigmatic than Scaramanga...more deadly then Oddjob!

"Seven new original Major Villains for you to use to perplex and menace your players: Can they meet the challenge offered by these criminal genius bent on world domination and personal revenge?

  • Cartesia. Does this enigmatic scientific genius deal only in technological espionage, trafficking in information and people, or is there more to his evil goals?
  • Buonvisi. Can this shadowy figure really manipulate national economies to swell his already bulging coffers?
  • Vandemere. How does she exploit her alluring beauty to ensnare victims in her deadly traps?
  • The Ripper. Is he just a psychopathic serial killer, or does an even darker intent lurk behind his mass murders?
  • Kleiner. Who is this man, devoted to the resurgence of the Fourth Reich and the ultimate domination of the world?
  • Prosinski. Why has this terrorist graduated to even more heinous crimes against countries and humanity?
  • Larose. Does he really mean to save the world, or is he a megalomaniac madman who will destroy it unless he is stopped?

"Included for each Major Villain is a complete background, description of his organization and key underlings, along with adventure suggestions and new and deadly weapons and equipment so you can begin using any of them immediately. And in addition...

"Meet SMERSH - James Bond's deadliest enemy organization, long thought disbanded, again rears its baleful head to sink its fangs into the unsuspecting and unwary. Inside is a complete updating of SMERSH, including its leaders and purposes. Is SMERSH still part of the KGB, or has it outgrown its parent organization to become an independent entity? In-depth descriptions of top SMERSH assassins allow for easy insertion into any existing campaign.

"Are you and your players ready to face the unknown power of these super criminals? Can you prove yourself against a force of such evil genius?"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Neil Randall
Publishers' Reference: VG35011
ISBN: 0-912515-11-2
Box set
Date: 1985

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Product page last updated: 9 August 2008