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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Into the Gates of Hell Revised Version

Into the Gates of Hell

After my comments on the original version of this adventure, which could be summed up as "Nice dungeon but no reason to go there," author Rex Baker revised and re-released it.

The introduction has been rewritten, and it now becomes apparent that there is a pressing need to go and visit - a wizard has discovered the existance of a sealed-up area within a larger dungeon which contains eight gates or portals which have the potential to link to three of the Nine Hells... and it appears possible that at least some of the gates are open - devils have been seen in the area, and there is a known unstable rift in another part of the dungeon which opens to the Shadow Plane. So the characters are tasked with finding out exactly what is going on.

The dungeon itself, which was an exciting and challenging dungeon crawl through a fine array of twisting passages with an array of monsters and traps to contend with, has not changed. It is described clearly and should prove interesting to run or play in; and it is recommended for a strong party of combat enthusiasts (with both spell and sword) with good clerical support. The revised introduction now gives it some purpose and rounds it out to a complete adventure.

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Reviewed: 9 August 2008