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Changeling the Dreaming: Land of Eight Million Dreams

Land of Eight Million Dreams

Asian kith, and the wherewithal to run Asian chronicles.

Publisher's blurb: "In ancient times, the fae of China served as the messangers and servants of the spirit world. In those days, they traveled freely between the realms of spirit and flesh. They were the emissaries of nature, the guardians and protectors of the sacred places. The hsien (known as changelings in the West) are the descendants of beings who were trapped in the realm of flesh during the Mahakala(or the Shattering). Divided by both form and court, the hsien struggle to survive in a world of mortals who have turned their back on the realm of spirit, a world full of other supernatural beings who would destroy them."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Deena McKinney, James A. Moore, and Wayne Peacock
Publishers' Reference: WW7308
ISBN: 1-56504-722-2
Paperback, 152 pages
Date: 1998

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Product page last updated: 6 August 2008