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Changeling the Dreaming: Book of Lost Dreams

Book of Lost Dreams

Storyteller screen with plenty of charts and an interesting book as well.

Publisher's blurb: "This book offers a wealth of new information for players and Storytellers alike. Herein you will find new houses, expanded rules and explanations for cantrip casting and other lost information on the fae, as well as complete crossover rules for introducing Changeling to any Storyteller chronicle. Finally, a complete story is included, playable by novices and veterans alike."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Roger Gaudreau, Steve Herman, and Ian Lemke
Publishers' Reference: WW7302
ISBN: 1-56504-717-6
Paperback, 64 pages
Date: 1997

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Product page last updated: 6 August 2008