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2300 AD: Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook

Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook

As well as details of Earth in 2300AD, and extensive 'cyberpunk' rules, there is an adventure which makes the most of both.

Publisher's blurb: "The Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook describes the Earth of the 24th century from Earth's protective shell of warships that block the importation of dangerous alien organisms to the shining towers of Liberville spaceport; from the rain-slicked pavement of New York's alleys to the artificial landscape of Earth's computer matrix. The Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook explains it all, with maps and diagrams that make it easy to understand.

"Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook begins by explaining the major forces that shape the societies of Earth in 2300 AD. It examines all of the nations of Earth describing what life is like for their citizens from the daily work to entertainment to travel. The maps clearly show national boundaries, major cities, and major transportation networks, giving the referee valuable aid in running adventures on Earth. And the illustrations help bring 24th century Earth into focus for players. But that's not all.

"Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook explains the cybertech revolution that is sweeping through Earth's cities. Statisitcs are given for surgical, chemical and mechanical enhancements of the body, with price, so that players can get in on the leading edge of this new technological wave. Equipment listed includes bionic eyes that allow you to snap pictures with a thought, 'smart guns' whose sights are wired directly to character's brains and slashers,' carbon filament blades than can be extended at will from the fingertips.

"Rules cover the operation of cyberdecks, the computers that deck jockeys yse to project their minds directly into Earth's computer network. With these rules, a character can purchase a deck, tinker with its capabilities and buy software programs to back him up on his runs into cyberspace. Cyberspace itself is described as well, as are rules for conducting computer battles within, the cyberspace matrix."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Lester W. Smith
Publishers' Reference: GDW1015
ISBN: 1-55878-014-9
Paperback, 96 pages
Date: February 1989

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Product page last updated: 2 November 2015