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2300 AD: Ships of the French Arm

Ships of the French Arm

If you intend to travel in space, a ship comes in useful - here's a selection of over 40 to choose from including battlecruisers, frigates, system defence boats, fighters, drones, missiles, couriers, cargo freighters and survey ships.

Publisher's blurb: "Earth and its many colonies have an inherent reliance on space travel, but the nature of the the ships which move between them varies greatly with the mission it is to perfom. For instance, cargo vessels are quite often tailored to their specific route of trade, such as bringing food rom the core to hungry colonists, returning laden with strange goods for wager consumers. More recently, the pressing issue of the Kafer War has forved shipbuilders and tactiticians aloke to rethink their vocations, forcing them to redesgin man's warships to effectively deal with the alien threat.

"Ships of the French Arm examines over forty ships which can be found in that region of human space. Each is given splendid attention to detail, including a brief history and explanation of design, an illustration of the vessel and complete statistics of the design for immediate use with the game Star Crusier.

"Ships of the French Arm deals with a wide range of human designed starships from the Bismark Class battlecruiser to the Cargodevil merchant ship. Special attention is given to such ships as the Richelieu Class Battleship and the recently upgraded Martel Illbis Fighter, ships on the frontline against the Kafer onslaught, being thoroughly tested by their alien opponents.

"For the referee, Ships of the French Arm is an invaluable source of encountered vessels (both friendly and otherwise) and ships the adventurers might be travelling on. For the players, this book becomes a handy guide to the local starships, letting them know what they can and cannot expect out of the Ships of the French Arm."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Timothy B. Brown
Publishers' Reference: GDW1011
ISBN: 0-943580-34-X
Paperback, 96 pages
Date: 1987

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Product page last updated: 23 October 2015