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2300 AD

2300 AD

2300 AD, published by Game Designers Workshop, is set in the same universe as their Twilight 2000 game, only 300 years later. Despite its initial name of Traveller 2300 it was never intended as a precusor to the Traveller universe and the game title was changed after the first release.

The underlying concept is that various Earth nations, after the catastrophe of the Twilight 2000 era, attempted to colonise space... but they took a fair bit of baggage with them and squabbles continue even before they met any aliens!

A single book, Operation Overlord, was published for this system by 3W, while Seeker Gaming Systems produced two sets of deck plans in 25mm scale.

With the advent of Mongoose's version of Traveller, a 2300AD line is being released with this ruleset.

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Setting Page last updated: 15 November 2015