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Dangerous Journeys: Game Master`s Screen

Game Master's Screen

A well-thought-out game master aid.

Publisher's blurb: "The first part of the package is an innovative GM screen - actually composed of two screens which can stand separately or together (with the adhesive-backed clips enclosed). One screen contains the essential details of time, movement, task difficulty ratings, Heka use, and Mental and Spiritual combat; the other covers Physical combat, both lethal and non-lethal. And every table is color-coded by subject, to make accessing the information a breeze!

"The second part of the package is a durable 40-page booklet of handy references for your use, including full weapons and armor tables, damage tables (for shock, cold, exposure, fire, disease, poison, etc.). healing rates, Accomplishment Point tables, OP tables, and more, all carefully arranged to be located easily during play. There is even an area by area list of magickal Castings, with the Mythus Magick page number identified for each!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Unknown
Publishers' Reference: GDW5003
ISBN: 1-55878-142-0
Two 3-panel cardboard screens + a 40-page book
Date: October 1992

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Product page last updated: 21 July 2008