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Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Magick

Mythus Magick

This is a complete and very detailed magic rules with hundreds of spells, artifacts, methods of enchantment, magical powers and psychic abilities.

Publisher's blurb: "You've never seen a magick book like this before! Within these pages, you'll find more than 1,400 different Castings for your Heroic Personas and their evil enemies! There are Eyebites, Charms, Cantrips, Spells, Formulas, and Rituals, divided among more than a dozen different types of magick use. Herein you'll find Dweomercraeft Castings (general, plus five different colleges) and Priestcraeft Castings (those held in common, plus five different ethoi), as well as Castings from 15 other types of practice - Alchemy, Apotropaism, Astrology, Conjuration, Divination, Exorcism, Fortune Telling, Heka Forging, Herbalism, Mediumship, Mysticism, Necromancy, Sorcery, Spellsongs, and Witchcraeft - everything you could imagine for use by heroes and villains, and others too. But that's not all!

"Also included are rules for designing your own Castings, allowing magick in your campaign to grow as far as you can imagine! There are scores of magickal devices detailed herein: Wands, Rings, Rods, Cloaks, Pyramids, and a guide to devise your own items. Plus, a full treatment is given of innate magickal Powers: Petrifaction, Shapeshifting, Flight, and Weather Control, just to name a few."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Gary Gygax
Publishers' Reference: GDW5003
ISBN: 1-55878-133-1
Paperback, 384 pages
Date: 1992

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Product page last updated: 21 July 2008