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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Tile Designer Dungeon Pack #1

Tile Designer Dungeon Pack #1

The Dungeon Tile Designer product enables the creation of customised tiles to build your dungeon floorplans. This product provides a whole bunch of pre-done tiles, in the same scale and appearance, so that you can combine tiles of your own design with them.

All the tiles are drawn to a high standard, and provide some of the things commonly encountered down dungeons - such as a broken-open tomb with the bones of the former occupant scattered around. There are several examples of a statue - in a wall niche, in a niche in the corner of a room and standing on a dais in the centre of the room. A couple of fountains, again in different orientations, and a broken door, and a nice round pool - just ready for visions (or something to rise up out of...). A whole sequence of arrow slit variations. A cage (you decide what's imprisoned within), a collapsed wall, a throne and an empty well - even looking at the pictures get you thinking about what happened there and why, before you know it half your dungeon is already designed! Another well, this one with water in. A few nice trapdoors to fall down... chests to open, and another pit this time with a grate across it. A fire pit, a sarcophagus, and a rather nasty couple of torture tables which given by the blood scattered around have seen recent use. Murder holes, an iron maiden, a evil spike trap and a spiked corridor round off the collection.

They are all beautifully drawn, and whatever your dungeon plotline, there's probably something you could use. Or if you are short on ideas, start with a few tiles and imagine why they are there...

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Reviewed: 12 July 2008