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Dungeons & Dragons: The Ruined Town: Castle Falconflight

The Ruined Town: Castle Falconflight

On the face of it, this seems to be a pretty standard castle, square with a tower at each corner and a free-standing central keep. Only then you notice the door's been sealed up...

Situated in 0one's Ruined Town complex, a short backstory - linking in with those provided for other locations - is provided to explain why and detail who is holed up in there. Or of course you can do your own thing with the map provided. This shows a ground floor, two upper levels and the roof, as well as small underground area called a dungeon... more of a cellar really, but maybe this is real estate agent speak, given that it's a castle!

To stick with agent-speak, this one is a bit of a 'doer-upper' with several rather battered walls and a roof that definatly lets in the rain. However it is still habitable and if you choose to display it, there's a fair bit of furniture. Likewise you can decide whether or not to have a grid overlay, a compass rose and so on.

The 'dungeon' includes storage space as well as cells and an intriguing passage out to street level - which may be a sneaky way in if wall-climbing does not appeal.

Overall it is a nice castle, incorporating signs of neglect and decay. Perhaps once they've cleared it out, your characters will settle down to a bit of construction work to make it their own!

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Reviewed: 3 April 2008