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Dungeons & Dragons: The Ruined Town - Old Observatory

The Ruined Town: Old Observatory

Presented with 0one's customary technical competence, this is a fascinating structure to have around. A brief background story, concerning a star-gazing dwarf, a mysterious lady and people going mad, is provided should you wish to use it, or you can come up with one of your own. For that matter, it could make a good base for anyone undertaking a scientific or quasi-scientific study of the heavens even if you do not require any mysteries below.

The maps show the ground floor, first and second floors, rooftop and cellars. If you want, as the back story suggests, a dungeon underneath, you'll have to source it elsewhere or design your own.

The ground floor provides the surrounding yard as well as an impressive entrance hall, a stables and a storeroom. The first floor has a large structure - maybe a orrery or astrolabe - and space for living and working, while the second floor and the roof appear to have fallen into a state of disrepair. The floor doesn't look in the slightest bit safe and the roof leaks! There's something that's probably a telescope up there if you can get there safely, though. The cellar contains some mysterious pools and a ritual circle hidden behind a curtain...

Technically, there is considerable scope for customisation, with the ability to display a compass rose, furniture, doors and a floor grid. You can also choose whether or not to have walls filled in or outline, and can select to print all the blue (or all the black and white) pages without having to select each one in turn!

It's an interesting curiousity of a building - every world should have one!

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Reviewed: 3 April 2008