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Darwin`s World: Scav`s Swag

Scav's Swag

Useful GM tool to deal with the frequently-heard player cry of "What have we found?"

Publisher's blurb: "Going all the way to the city of Styx and hunting down Flea's junkyard shouldn't be the only way to find true odds-and-ends, or unique artifacts for that matter. PC scavs (and indeed any other survivors who brave the wasteland) should have the ability to find interesting loot (or 'swag', as real scavs call it) whenever they search ruins or the lairs of their vanquished foes. In addition to laser pistols, advanced armor, and the more expensive gizmos available in Darwin's World, what about the minor items that fill out a treasure cache? Previous post-apocalyptic games offered rules for generating low-value (but not uninteresting) finds, so why not Darwin's World?

"The following tables are designed to be used by the GM to generate the miscellaneous contents of any particular treasure during a night's game. The focus here is not so much on the more valuable finds; indeed, the GM should probably select what major item is at the core of an encounter's hard-earned loot (its usefulness and corium value based on the party's power level) and only use the tables here to flesh out the other, less valuable but certainly colorful items likely to be found in a given stash."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Dominic Covey
Publishers' Reference: RPO0118
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 16 pages
Date: September 2005

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Product page last updated: 24 February 2008