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D20 Modern: High-Tech Riot Control

Weapon Focus: High-Tech Riot Control

This product presents a range of nonp-lethal but effective means of riot control - probably more likely to be used on your characters than by them, if your players are anything like mine!

Information is presented in three sections: a rather disjointed 'history of...' collection of paragraphs about each weapon, comprehensive tables giving the appropriate game mechanics and then notes on each weapon. I feel that it would have been more appropriate to combine the history and notes into one. In particular, there is no mention of what an Active Denial System actually does until you reach the notes section, which is a bit confusing.

Overall, though, it is a good introduction to non-lethal weaponry, especially that used by law enforcement, and provides enough information for the GM to use other measures than bullets when things get out of hand.

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Reviewed: 9 February 2008