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D20 Modern: Improvised Modern Weapons

Weapon Focus: Improvised Modern Weapons

There are always times when the need to defend yourself arises when your normal combat equipment is not to hand - perhaps your character is safely (he thought) tucked up in bed, or he is visiting a place where carrying weapons is inappropriate or illegal. Never seems to stop the Bad Guys, so...

This work consists of two parts: a table listing a wide range of things that you might find in an emergency to thump or throw at a Bad Guy, and a minimal descriptive list of each item (which is a little bit given to stating the blindingly obvious). The table gives you the basic game information you need to fight with each item: damage, critical, damage type, range increment, size, and weight; and also the purchase DC - as if you are going to pause to pay in the middle of a brawl!

Overall, the real use of this product is to give you the necessary mechanical details to use improvised weapons, and perhaps to jog your mind if wondering just what would be the best thing to grab...

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Reviewed: 9 February 2008