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Dungeon # 149

Dungeon # 149

Usual range of adventures...

Contents: -

  • War of the Wielded by Michael Kortes: Centuries ago, two rival thieves' guilds crafted a number of intelligent weapons to aid them in their conflicts. Although the guilds are now long dead, their weapons remain, and have begun to recruit new soldiers from the people of Sasserine. Can your PCs put an end to this deathless war? A D&D adventure for 5th-level characters.
  • Twisted Night by Stefan Happ: The coastal village of Caer Garrion has mysteriously depopulated, and the only survivior, a lone prisoner in the local jail, has gone mad. What does this village's sinister fate portend for the Moonshae Isles? A Forgotten Realms adventure for 8th-level characters.
  • Enemies of my Enemy by Wolfgang Baur: The time has come to draw your plans against the Prince of Demons! Travel to Hades, Arborea, and the depths of the Abyss to recruit allies from the eladrin court and the Abyssal realms of Shendilavri and Thanatos, and garner the support of Iggwilv, the Witch Queen herself! Yet will this unlikely alliance of demons and eladrin be enough to stop the savage tide? A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 19th-level characters.

More when I get hold of a copy!

Journal Details:
Editor: Unknown
Paperback, pages unknown
Date: August 2007

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Issue page last updated: 19 January 2008