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Dungeons & Dragons: Into the Haunted Forest

Into the Haunted Forest

This adventure, for 1st-level characters, begins with a chance encounter when travelling through a fairly remote forest. While it involves an inn, and even a brawl in the tap room, it has a proper storyline rather than a mere fight for the sake of it. The characters will be sucked swiftly into ongoing events, whether they like it or not, but there is a good sense that things will be happening here even if the characters cut and run rather than participate. It's stated that the adventure is located within the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, but it can be placed anywhere you like as a good campaign starter - although it does assume that the party are already together: introducing them to each other as well to the first few events could be taxing.

Despite being a fairly simple hunt through the forest for some treasures with a few encounters with forest monsters, creatures and a rival band of treasure-seekers, everything is well-developed and clearly presented... and could serve as an introductory adventure for a novice DM, or indeed to introduce new players to the game. Each NPC is well-described and individual, not just someone to attack and rob!

Naturally, locations are mapped and items described within the book, but for full effect several other Paizo products can be used - as the woodland locations are featured in their Flip-map: Woodlands, the two inns you'll visit are to be found in Map Pack: Inns and the special items you hopefully will find are included in The Rise of the Runelords Item Cards set. The first two are of particular use if you use miniatures for combat, while the cards are a handy way of showing players what their characters have found and can even be handed out to indicate ownership!

Overall, a straightforward adventure but exceedingly well done and presented - especially if you have the accessories mentioned (they are available supplied together as a set with this adventure or can be purchased separately).

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Reviewed: 18 January 2008