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Changeling: The Lost Demo

Changeling: The Lost Demo

This product contains an introductory adventure for Changeling: The Lost plus sufficient fof the rules for you to be able to play it even if you have never role-played before, let alone be familiar with the New World of Darkness - though of course it will be easier if you have met the Storytelling System!

In Changeling, the characters are people who have been kidnapped by the Fae but have managed to escape - at least for now. Changed by their experiences and with wierd powers, they no longer fit in to the real world yet naturally do not wish to return to slavery under the Fae. The book begins with a brief explanation of the setting and of role-playing, and a bit more detail of the Storytelling System which is the ruleset for the game. There's suffcient detail to enable you to start playing right away.

The adventure is called 'Dwelling in Darkness' and can serve as an introduction to a campaign of your own devising. The characters begin as new Changelings in and around Miami, Florida; and such is the nature of Changelings and the Fae that newcomers like them are not yet trusted or accepted in Changeling society yet. This contributes to an air of uncertainty and loneliness which is the initial reason why this motley bunch are together in the first place. As is the way of such things, however, they are plunged quickly into the political intrigue that established Changelings seem to thrive on, and this interaction of treachery and trust is the basis of the adventure. Much will be confusing to the characters, intentionally so as very little is what it seems and mere acceptance of what you see, hear and are told would lead to rapid disaster for an unwise Changeling!

The characters provided are substantially detailed and could be continued with should the players wish, while the adventure itself is presented clearly and in a structured way that should make it easy for a novice Storyteller. Overall, a good introduction to what promises to be an intriging strand in the New World of Darkness.

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Reviewed: 11 January 2008