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D20 Modern: Riot Control

Weapon Focus: Riot Control

Of particular use in law enforcement, non-lethal weapons are popular for riot control and similar uses. The ones covered here are CS gas, pepper spray and the taser. Each has a short history of its development and use, followed by the relevant details to allow them to be used in a D20 Modern game.

When affected, a character has to make a Fortitude save but interestingly however well he does he suffers considerable adverse effect. I'm glad to say I've never been on the receiving end of a taser or pepper spray, but in the case of CS gas I do know people who suffer no more than mild watering of the eyes (similar to the effect of peeling an onion) - and I can complete the standard army drill of removing a gas mask in an affected enclosed space, reciting name, rank and serial number, and then replacing the mask without ill effects. There is, however, mention of the protection afforded by a respirator or even a damp cloth.

Overall, a useful summary of the game effects of the 3 weapons discussed; although it would have been interesting to see a little more of how targets are actually affected and mention of some of the other non-lethal weapons available (water cannon, bean bag rounds, rubber bullets) or in more experimental stages (foam, sonics and the like).

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Reviewed: 2 January 2008