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Mythic Vistas: Mindshadows


Probably more aimed at becoming part of a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign than the other MYTHIC VISTAS, this contains a setting and everything else you need to run a psionic-based campaign.

Publisher's blurb: "On the distant island-continent of Naranjan, brave adventurers study the psychic arts under powerful gurus, battle treacherous yuan-ti in the depths of ancient dwarven ruins, and evade elven cannibal tribes in the tropical jungle. Third in the Mythic Vistas series from Green Ronin, Mindshadows blends the rich legends of Southeast Asia with furious martial arts action inspired by the Psionics Handbook. It includes new feats and psionic powers, and over a dozen new prestige classes. The first true psionic setting for the d20 System, Mindshadows can be dropped easily into any existing campaign. From the decadent city-states of the Spice Coast to the treacherous capital of the Sudarshan Empire, adventure awaits—for those brave enough to traverse this exotic land."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Kevin Brennan and James Maliszewski
Publishers' Reference: GRR1402
ISBN: 1-932442-00-6
Paperback, 128 pages
Date: Due September 2003