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TimeMaster: TimeMaster Screen + Missing PT-109 Adventure

TimeMaster Screen + Missing PT-109 Adventure

In time-travel adventures, the aim - at least if you're a Time Corps agent - is to ensure that history as we know it happens. Other people may have different ideas, and interfere at the most unlikely places to effect the changes that they want.

In this adventure, agents are sent back to a minor incident in WW2 to prevent untoward interference with a certain US Navy lieutenant by the name of John F. Kennedy - for should this interference run unchecked Kennedy will go into business instead of politics and his deals will lead to economic disaster for the West! So, the agents have to discover who is meddling and stop them, while avoiding any other untoward changes in the timeline - for example, some of the Japanese sailors in the area are the automotive engineers of the future and their untimely demise will affect the post-war development of Japanese cars.

The adventure is clearly-presented although rather linear without much scope for the agents to do anything other than follow it through. There are opportunities for combat, both small-scale naval skirmishes and hand-to-hand, and a bit of deception to figure out, but interactions are minimal. Good hints are given as to the best course of action, particularly useful as fighting Japanese destroyers and aircraft are probably not frequent occupations of either your characters or their players!

The screen part is fairly standard, with some useful tables; but the real bonus is some rules for modern naval combat.

The adventure would serve as a good introduction to TimeMaster, and the general concepts worth reviewing if you want to run potentially world-changing time-travel adventures.

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Reviewed: 1 January 2008