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SewerSide RPG: Core Rules

SewerSide RPG

Have fun down in the sewers where you are the monsters of urban myth.

Publisher's blurb: "Forget alligators, crocodiles, plague-ridden rats and other sewer dwellers of urban legend. Sure, they exist, but what you really want to worry about is the mutants! Hey, didn't know about them huh? Come on! Every science fiction series has to have mutants living in the sewers! And this is the RPG where you get to do all the spelunking you like, provided you don't expect to come up smelling of roses.

"SewerSide turns the tables on the whole 'nasty things below' melarkey. Now YOU get to be the grotty horrid nastiness downstairs! Go right ahead, terrorise the human world above, you'll need to find something clean to eat after all. Just watch out for the humans coming the other way. We're talking burning torches and pitchforks here people, and that ain't wise in an environment with so much methane floating around!

"With eight mutant strains to choose from, a whole host of mundane and less-than-ordinary equipment, full colour artwork done by yours truly (so that's not much of a draw huh?) random generation charts in case you just can't be bothered to choose and everything you need to play except friends, pencils, paper and dice.

"A riotous (do people really still use that word?) take on science fiction roleplaying, with plenty of laughs along the way. Eat your friends! Live in the sewers! Scoff 'til you puke! It's all here..."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Unknown
Publishers' Reference: EDS1001
ISBN: n/a
PDF, pages unknown
Date: February 2003

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Product page last updated: 24 November 2007