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Myriad RPG System

Myriad RPG System

Published by Sane Studios, this is not so much a role-playing game as a series of modular components to put together to create a role-playing game to suit your tastes.

Myriad can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. But best of all, Myriad is totally copyright-free! No permission is required for you to use the rules contained herein for your own games. You can sell, swap and distribute the books you make to your heart's content. You can even transplant large portions of the text into your own books if you want to. If you send us a PDF copy of the book and we like it, we'll even provide a link on the company website at www.sanestudios.co.uk! All we ask is that the contents page include a brief sentence along the lines of "This product uses the Myriad system, developed by Ashok Desai" in clear, easy-to-read script. Placing the Myriad logo on the book's cover, and a mention of the website address would also be most appreciated.

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Setting Page last updated: 24 November 2007