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Dungeons & Dragons: Kobolds Warrens

Kobolds Warrens

The concept behind this mapset is a series of places suitable for kobold habitation... at least, until your characters find out where they live and run them out of town! Naturally these locations could serve as lairs of other groups or individuals if it suits your storyline better than using kobolds.

The locations depicted are a necromancer's lair, an old cemetery, a ruined keep, an abandoned tower, and a dwarven burial chamber - it seems kobolds are expert in recycling buildings to serve their own purposes once they have been abandoned by their original occupants. As an added bonus, short adventure ideas are provided for each location, thoughts on what may have led your characters to pay a visit in the first place.

Each location, presented with the technological wizardry we expect from 0one products, is imaginative and presents plenty of scope for more than just a straight 'thump the kobolds' adventure. The necromancer's lair has a river running through underground caverns (perhaps he was classically-educated and created his own underworld around a river Styx!); while the cemetery, as well as the usual shady garden of rest has extensive catacombs beneath.

You can customise the maps to some extent by choosing whether or not furniture, doors, room numbers or a grid are displayed; and you can also determine which direction is north (useful if you are slotting a location into an already established campaign world). All maps come as either blue or black & white, and if you are wanting to print the lot rather than an individual map you can select with variety you want rather than going through the book printing page by page. There are some notes pages you can print out and add comments to as well.

As always, just looking at the maps starts ideas spawning, so if you are in need for a run-down, pre-owned lair for your current opposition to inhabit you will likely find it here!

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Reviewed: 18 November 2007