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Dungeons & Dragons: Gallery of Evil

Gallery of Evil

Paintings don't often feature large in the average adventure - perhaps a bit of colour on the wall, perhaps even something worth looting once the monsters have been slain, occasionally there's a clue there if you examine it closely. But put an evil wizard with artistic talent in front of a blank canvas and the results can be... interesting.

It all begins with a letter, summoning the characters to the city of Absalom, probably the largest and most sophisticated city in the setting used by Paizo for all Pathfinder product. A wealthy philanthropist and sponsor of adventurers (who might well have financed some of the characters' earlier exploits) needs their help. And so off they go...

The adventure, beginning with the discovery of a bloody murder, is a heady mix of investigation and combat with plenty of opportunity for characters with a wide range of skills to shine. They'll need social skills as well as brainpower and fighting abilities, though, as they'll be mixing with the cream of Absalom society - there are some excellent opportunities for role-playing. Indeed, if you and your players enjoy urban adventures with plenty of interaction, where a good mind and ready tongue get as much exercise as the sword arm, this comes highly recommended.

The descriptions of the people and places in this adventure bring everything to vivid life; and as a bonus there is quite a lot of general detail about the Ivy District of Absalom, one of the really up-market areas in what is already a grand and civilised city. There are also some fascinating and innovative new monsters and items, occurring in the adventure but of use anywhere, and 4 pre-generated characters ready for play.

Overall, this is a fine adventure, that bit different, well worth a look and likely to provide some memorable moments for your group.

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Reviewed: 11 November 2007