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The Dying Earth RPG Product

Click on the cover to read about each product

The Dying Earth RPG Dying Earth Quickstart Rules Cugel's Compendium of Indispensible Advantages
The Kaiin Player's Guide The Scaum Valley Gazetteer Turjan's Tome of Beauty and Horror
Demons of the Dying Earth The Primer of Practical Magic All's Fair at Azenomei
The Day of the Quelo Gomoshan's Tomb Strangers in Saskervoy
Fields of Silver: Adventures beyond the Songan Sea The Compendium of Universal Knowledge Rhialto's Book of Marvels
The Creep of Inaccuracy Lords of Cil Beyond the Mountains of Magnatz
And Thence to Almery Revivification Folio

Product List last updated: 1 August 2013