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Modern Dispatch # 113: Albenistan - Election Day

113: Albenistan: Election Day

The situation is a familiar one to anyone who follow the news: a troubled nation is taking the first steps towards democracy by holding elections. While set in SEP's fictional country of Albenistan (which has featured in a series of previous adventures, although you do not need to have played them to get into this one), it is a relatively straightforward task to change a few names and set it in any real or fictional country of your choice.

While the previous Albenistan adventures (Raid on Ashkashem, The Qalashar Device, and The Khorforjan Gambit) are aimed at military operatives, for this scenario your characters may be United Nations or NGO observers, journalists or even media stars... whatever reason you can think of for foreigners to be around at election time. Naturally, the role your players choose determines whether or not it would be appropriate for them to be armed. If you do choose to use characters involved in the previous adventures, there are both options for putting them in the right place at the right time and some additional events that might take place due to their prior involvement.

The adventure is presented as a series of events which take place at one polling station - at which the characters are posted - during the course of election day. There are plenty of opportunities for them to interact with local people and intervene in what is transpiring - and of course, it is up to them to decide when intervention is appropriate and legal, based on Albenistan electoral law. Each event is presented clearly with grey-boxed 'read aloud' text and background information for the GM.

It is a well-presented and coherent adventure which should take a single session of play, with a good mix of interaction and some combat - and the potential for more violence if the characters are particularly hot-headed.

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Reviewed: 21 August 2007