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Paizo Publishing

Paizo Publishing

Complete Product List - Dragon magazine

Complete Product List - Dungeon magazine

Complete Product List - Pathfinder RPG

Complete Product List - Starfinder RPG

Pathfinder 2e

Since their foundation in 2002, Paizo has established an enviable reputation both as a publisher of role-playing games, board games, magazines and fiction, and as a major online store (to which you will find links from throughout this site!). Taking on the production of Dragon and Dungeon magazines from Wizards of the Coast, they built on the experience gained in producing the acclaimed 'Adventure Path' series of adventures therein by launching a stand-alone adventure series known as 'Pathfinder'. This has grown into an entire game in its own right (remaining with a ruleset based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rather than following later editions), being launched as the Pathfinder RPG in 2009 with a range of adventures, adventure paths, setting books, and even a shared campaign (the Pathfinder Society), all based in the world of Golarion.

In the summer of 2017, a science-fantasy game based on the far future of the Pathfinder setting of Golarion was launched, under the name Starfinder. This too boasts its own Adventure Paths and a shared campaign.

In August 2018 a year-long playtest of Pathfinder 2e was launched.

Visit their website.

Company Section last updated: 2 August 2018