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This is a science fiction role-playing game set in the far future, in a distant corner of our galaxy. Released in 2007 by West End Games, it uses the D6 System game mechanic.

The background for the game is that for Eons, the Seventh Empire ruled its vast territories of space, but as hyperspace began to weaken, making travel between the various star systems impossible, the Imperial order began to break down. Many disparate peoples were left to rule themselves, free from the influence and protection of the Empire.

On the fringes of the galaxy, the Sindavar Extent, any enclave of militant aesthetics, practiced their harsh religion on the outer planets of the Septimus System, until they found a great and terrible secret. Further into the system, there was a patch of space known to shallow up any travelers foolish enough to travel too close. They sought the cause if this anomaly and, where there should have been a planet in orbit, they found a massive and alien technology; a Dyson Sphere. The Extent quickly abandoned their settlements in the outer planets, and took over the Sphere and its enormous ruined city, which they named Arcopolis.

Others from the outside began to travel to Septimus, only to find themselves trapped forever within its embrace. The Extent controlled the amazing technologies left by their unknowing benefactors and continued to build and rediscover secrets of ancient design. They ruled over Septimus with equal religious zeal and unforgiving ferocity. The newcomers had a choice, submit to the oppressive order of the Extent, and enjoy the comfort its technology provided, or live out of the reach of the Arcopolis, as barbarians, in the savage wildness beyond.

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Setting Page last updated: 9 August 2007