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Dungeons & Dragons: Riverside Inn

Riverside Inn

All right, who has never used an inn as an adventure location? They are so useful, whether as somewhere for characters to meet or get hired, somewhere to stop of at while travelling from one place to another or as the focus of an event or even a whole series of them.

This is a fine inn with plenty to gain your interest. Located on a busy river (up to you, as long as there's a navigable river somewhere in your campaign world), it can be the break in a journey or scene for something more. As well as food, drink and lodging, this inn has a hidden offering - gambling. For whatever reason - up to you to choose why - the gaming areas are kept secret, the first challenge for your characters may simply be to gain access...

The actual mapset combines the best of 0one's Blueprints and Battlemaps, being beautiful to look at and capable of a fair degree of modification depending on your needs. Both full colour and greyscale versions are provided, along with notes pages to record additional details. The maps include the ground floor, 2 upper floors and the cellars.

The whole thing is ready to use, all you need to decide is who is there and what is going on. See you there, mine's a pint!"

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Reviewed: 6 June 2007