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Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of the Shadow King

Tomb of the Shadow King

This new series of maps from 0one Games melds the customisable nature of their later Blueprints with the lush beauty of other map products from the company. The whole is presented in both colour and greyscale, and you can add/remove grids, room numbers, doors, furniture and even the coloured backgrounds. You can also determine, and indicate, which way is north. For those printing out a set of maps, you can choose if you want the colour or the greyscale version rather than have to go through printing each page you want, and as a similar convenience there's a Master Control to set the features across the entire set. To finish, there's a page per map to make notes on.

This first mapset depicts that dungeon classic, a tomb to investigate. There's a nice bit of legend and background which you can use to entice characters to visit, or of course you can come up with your own story as to why it's there and who (if anyone) is buried therein.

The first map shows the surface and entrance. But this is no mere grave - there are 4 quite substantial levels to explore, each with an interesting layout which should provide plenty of scope for you to populate with traps, denizens or whatever else you decide will be found down there.

For anyone who likes maps and plans, this is quite a delight. It looks good and it all hangs together to an extent that should make designing the adventure to go it it a fascinating and easy task.

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Reviewed: 5 June 2007