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Mutants & Masterminds: Mirror Universe Vol.5

Mirror Universe Vol.5

Another fine collection of character sketches which can be incorporated into any superhero game. As before, each comes as a full colour set of stand-up, miniatures-compatible figure and counter, plus lineart versions if you prefer your own colour scheme. This time the emphasis seems to be on the straight 'costumed super' in spandex, with several variants of both sexes, as well as a fellow with an armoured cyberarm and a couple who either are robots or whose costume includes a bucket worn on the head!

Each colour page also includes a 'condition monitor' for Mutants and Masterminds characters, and there are a selection of character background - some hero & some villain - which you can use if in need of a quick concept.

Like previous collections, it is a useful adjunct to any group's materials, especially if they like a visual aspect to their games. Bring your character - or the opposition - to life!

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Reviewed: 4 June 2007