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Mutants & Masterminds: Mirror Universe Vol.4

Mirror Universe Vol.4

The fourth work in this series presents even more super-character images for use in superhero games. Again, the standard presentation of a large stand-up figure, a miniature-scaled one and a counter in both full colour and line art is used, along with 'condition monitors' for Mutants & Masterminds players, and some ideas for who the superheroes or supervillains might be (handy if you need one in a hurry, although you'll still need to add the statistics for your chosen game system.)

This offering comprises a smart chap in a long overcoat with a handgun, another equally snappy dresser with a big sword, a female in rather skimpy clothing, another female in spandex who is ALL green (even her face and hair), a couple of really chunky characters, a bare-chested blue fellow, a man in spandex, a bipedal lizardman with a tail and lots of teeth, a figure in an armoured suit and two more men in spandex, the second with a flowing cloak. Plenty of scope to decide just what most of these are capable of in the way of super-powers.

As with the others in this series, very useful for those who like a visual element to their games - the artwork standard is good and crisp, and the appearance of each character is distinctive so once you have allocated each to a superhero or supervillain in your world, you will have little difficulty in recognising who's who!

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Reviewed: 3 June 2007