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Mutants & Masterminds: Mirror Universe Vol.3

Mirror Universe Vol.3

The third collection of super-character images is presented in the same way as earlier ones: full colour stand-up, minatures scale stand-up and counter for each of the 12 characters, plus lineart versions for those with their own ideas of tasteful colours, M&M 'condition monitor' tags and outline notes depicting these characters as hero or villain (6 of each).

This batch includes a power-suit which surely must fly (but will have problems with narrow doorways), a martial artist with some kind of fighting iron, a 'Captain America' style character with shield, another power-suit, a stealthy-looking fellow in a cape, someone who looks like he escaped from a diplomatic reception, three basic lycra-suited figures (one female), a female who packs a punch, and a couple of odd figures who look as if their costumes do not fit them very well! If somewhere within that there is someone who fits your character concept - or who inspires one - it is a useful set for the group who like a coherent visual element to their game. Fine drawings in true comic-book style (perhaps more angular and less shaded, but very attractive), and plenty of scope for them to play a role on your table.

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Reviewed: 2 June 2007