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Dungeons & Dragons: Magical Mysteries of Akaarti - Fate Boxes

Magical Mysteries of Akaarti: Fate Boxes

While the idea behind Inspired Device's "Dungeon Props" line is to give the DM some self-build card artefacts to show to the players, this actually gives you quite a bit more than the 3 boxes of the title.

It opens with the Legend of Akaarti, giving some background about a magical city in a far-distant plane of existance which is the source of these artefacts. This is followed by an explanation of how the 3 cubes or boxes work in game terms. Each is capable of a range of effects which can be activated by the user while the cube is hovering over his head. To round this out, there are a new monster and three new spells connected with the cubes.

The actual 'props' come as 3 separate PDFs in the bundle, each with a full colour and a line art version of the cube in question for you to cut out and glue into shape. The colour versions, in particular, look good and it should prove amusing to tell players "You find this..." and throw one onto the table, leaving them to figure out what they need to do to use it.

Overall, it is an inventive yet simple way to add a visual and physical prop to your game and it should be quite straightforward to weave their presence into your campaign.

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Reviewed: 26 May 2007