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Dungeons & Dragons: Raid on BĂ´kagna

Raid on Bôkagna

You don't have to be an orc to play this, but being evil helps... In this adventure, a tribe of orcs planning on annexing an area of the hills above the Khydoban Desert sends a raiding party - the characters - to investigate an outpost set up by the resident gnomes who are concerned about the marauding orcs.

The gnome outpost is well-detailed in a manner conductive to easy running of the adventure - room descriptions, contents, apposite rules and even the likely responses of the occupants to tresspassing orcs are all there where you'll need them. In the unlikely event that a visiting orc character wants to talk rather than fight, the DM will have to decide on the reactions for himself - the scenario is intended as a 'here is a location through which you can rampage' adventure, non-fighters will not have much to do.

As a one-off, or part of a campaign based around a group of orcs, this will make for a splendid evening's entertainment for a bunch of low-level characters. It also serves well if you have need of a gnome outpost (indeed anyone's outpost although the design is typically gnomish) within your campaign setting even if you don't have orcs to raid it at the moment.

Overall, it is nicely put together, with illustrations and maps, monster/item details and even an essay on how to be an orc tucked away at the end.

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Reviewed: 19 May 2007