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D20 Modern: The Spy Advanced Class

The Spy Advanced Class

Unlike the overtly military careers depicted in other products in this series, a Spy may be anything from a professional intelligence agent to a merchant or a small-time thief supplementing his income by peddling information. There's plenty of historical background given here which should spawn ideas both for the sort of spy you want to be and for adventures in which the character can become embroiled.

The advanced class requirements are left general to allow for a wide range of backgrounds - all he needs to be able to do is to hide and to move silently with some competence. The talent trees available provide abilities in a range of useful skills for a spy including the use of improvised weapons, staying hidden and even extreme luck!

There is plenty of scope for providing a character with useful skills for information gathering and for surviving long enough to report back, along with background for the sort of things that a mediaeval or renaissance spy might be doing.

As usual, notes for those prefering to use the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset rather than the D20 Modern ones are provided, and the product is illustrated with atmospheric paintings in the 'Old Master' style.

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Reviewed: 5 May 2007