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D20 Modern: The Man-At-Arms Advanced Class

The Man-At-Arms Advanced Class

Superficially, this fellow looks like a knight. But he is no paragon of chivalry but a man for hire, employed as a professional soldier by those who required them. This does not mean that he is without honour, just that he expects to be paid for his services, rather than a noble who may go to war as a matter of duty and loyalty to his feudal superior.

As an advanced class, a character will need to meet certain prerequisites: unsurprisingly these include skill with weapons and the ability to ride a horse. Once in, the talent trees available as he advances are Unit Skills, Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry and Light Cavalry. Unit Skills looks at operating as part of - and indeed commanding - a group rather than operating on your own, while the others are various mounted and weapons skills to enhance personal combat effectiveness. In addition, for those campaigns that allow early firearms there is a new feat, Mounted Gunnery, to enable them to be fired from horseback.

For those wishing to play a Man-At-Arms in a game using the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset rather than the D20 Modern one, there is a conversion of these rules into suitable terms.

The work is clearly presented, with colour illustrations - romantic paintings - depicting men-at-arms in action as flavour. Apart from introductory notes about such people serving nobles or operating as independent bands for hire, there is not much background, but it should prove reasonably simple to incorporate a single Man-At-Arms into your game or indeed base one on the exploits of an independent company seeking fame and fortune in a turbluent world.

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Reviewed: 5 May 2007