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D20 Modern: 1948


This game from Bloodstone Press is a 'alternate history' in which World War 2 is still being fought in 1948, and no atomic bombs have been developed yet, though several nations are racing towards that end. Instead, dozens of other "wonder weapons" have been invented including huge super-tanks that weigh over 1,000 tons, ray guns, jet packs, flying platforms, and genetic mutations. There are also plenty of extra-dimensional aliens, demons, monsters, and much more. The 1948 setting also features a heavy dose of magic and mysticism. Voodoo mystics, occultists, holy knights, psychic spies, and arcane scholars are frequently encountered. Legends of huge underground cities, lost tomes of power and races of superior beings entice governments on both sides of the conflict to hunt down every possible advantage they can find.

The game is based on the D20 Modern ruleset.

A D20 System Game

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Setting Page last updated: 18 March 2007