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Dungeons & Dragons: Battlemaps - Dungeon Rooms Vol.6

Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol.6

Whenever I design a dungeon, I like to think about the monsters which live there. What do they do when the adventurers are not around to provide some entertainment? Where do they eat, sleep and use the restroom? This set of dungeon rooms means that the dungeon 'facilities' no longer come in my scruffy drawings, but can be presented to the same high standard as previous 0one Games floorplans.

The rooms presented are a training room, a barracks (dormitory), a kitchen, a thermal baths (lucky monsters!), a dressing room, a theatre, a larder and a refectory. Each room comes in glorious colour or crisp greyscale, a room to a page apart from the baths and the training room, each of which covers a two-page spread.

These rooms are definitely lived-in, personal possessions, weapons, food and so on are spread around - this must be a well-disciplined bunch of monsters as things are quite tidy - and all it needs is for you to provide the inhabitants. It's likely an organised band under command (although you'll have to look elsewhere for the commander's quarters - a list of all existing published 'Dungeon Rooms' is provided for ready reference), and I am sure that they will not take too kindly to a bunch of rowdy adventurers roaring through their base. A decidedly interesting twist on standard dungeon fare, well worth a look.

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Reviewed: 14 February 2007