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Call of Cthulhu: 1920s Keeper`s Kit

Collection of materials for the eager Keeper.

Publisher's blurb: "A Rugose Compendium of Squamous Stuff. This packet contains essential play-aids for all Call of Cthulhu players and keepers. A Specially-constructed 8.5x33” colorful four-panel Keeper's Screen featuring an additional 8.5x11" panel - instant access to important tables and rules form the Cthulhu game while minimizing play interference. A brand-new adventure, 'The Dead-Man Stomp,' was specially written for this package, and is suitable for both beginning and experienced players. Eight copies of the new, updated 1920s Character Sheet provide a convenient place for your players to summarize game data and are ready-to-use. The Monster Master, five copies of a new form on which the keeper can organize game data for his crazed cultists, maniac madmen, wicked wizards, and degenerate denizens of the Cthulhu Mythos. Each packet contains one of two different stickers, either a back-window university sticker for your car, or a “Go Pods!” bumper sticker proclaiming your loyalty to old M.U. A handy Miskatonic U. Note Pad, in a new style, provides a convenient spot for keepers to jot sinister ideas, devious plots and terrifying notes. A special Mythos Bookcover in one of three styles, either the Necronomicon, Cultes Des Goules, or De Vermiis Mysteriis, can be used to protect your favorite haunting tome. A giant 20x27" Full-Cover Poster depicts a terrifying aspect of the Mythos."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Mark Morrison and L.N. Isinwyll
Publishers' Reference: CHA5108
ISBN: 0-933635-96-6
Card screen & booklets
Date: 1989

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Product page last updated: 11 February 2007