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Call of Cthulhu: The Cthulhu Casebook

The Cthulhu Casebook

Mostly reprinted adventures from The Asylum and Other Tales and Curse of the Cththonians, along with additional gamemaster material.

Publisher's blurb: "Nine Sanity-Reducing Adventure; Four Background Articles; Eight Full-Color Plates. Adventurama! A new exciting adventure program catering to the most discriminating tastes has just been announced! Travel the seas in the unrivalled splendor of the Mauretania - sister ship to the Lusitania - and one of the two largest, fastest, and most luxurious ships afloat. Visit such diverse and exciting locales as historic Vienna; fashionable New York City: bohemian San Francisco; mysterious Cairo; the rugged coasts of northeast Maine. Battle strange creatures from Earth's distant past! Troubled? Seek asylum from your worries at the comforting Greenwood estate, where a professional staff tends your every (imagined) need. Meet new friends, engage in lively discussion, see unusual sights. Enjoy an experience unlike any you've had before!

"The Cthulhu Casebook contains nine independent adventures set in the 1920s, plus numerous articles and aids generating many other plots. Certain portions of this book are easily included in ongoing tales - 'The Mauretania' can expand any ocean voyage; 'The Asylum' can make exciting an otherwise uneventful institutionalisation; 'The Auction' can be used to introduce various artefacts to aid or hinder the investigators. Other sections contain full independent adventures playable by themselves or useful in filling gaps between campaigns or as subplots within current story lines."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: William A. Barton, M.B. Willner, William Hamblin, John Scott Clegg, Randy McCall, Elizabeth A. Wolcott, Mark Harmon, John B. Monroe, David A. Hargrave, Keith Herber, and Sandy Petersen
Publishers' Reference: CHA3305
ISBN: 0-933635-67-2
Paperback, 160 pages
Date: 1990

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Product page last updated: 11 February 2007