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Reviews Policy

As you can imagine, I have quite a collection of RPG material and it doesn't stop growing! Whilst prioritising product from those companies kind enough to send me a review copy I attempt to ensure both fairness & interest by dividing my attention between 'New' product and that sent me over the past years - everything WILL get done! Posted reviews will show a mix of review copies and books I buy for myself (yes, I still do!).

Reviews will be annouced by Tweet as well as on the latest reviews page; and may be cross-posted to other sites such as Paizo's as appropriate.

On many sites (including those I cross-post to) reviews are accompanied by a star rating or other grading system. I don't do that here, quite deliberately. It stems from my being a teacher and marking work. Students always focus on 'What did I get?' and rarely read any comments you make about what's good and what could be improved... by not giving a 'grade' it forces folks to actual read what I've said to find out what I think about a product! Of course, you can follow product links to Paizo (if it's sold there) and see the number of stars I assigned if that's important for you - it is an easy shorthand, and certain authors have been known to do a 'Snoopy Happy Dance of Joy' when I given them 5 stars!

So, you want to send me something to review?"

Firstly, thank you! If you sell via DriveThruRPG, ny account there is linked to the e-mail address megan-reviews(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk; or indeed you may send things to me direct at that address. If you sell on Paizo, my account there is megan(at)medals(dot)org(dot)uk. If you are amazing enough to want to send a hard copy book, please e-mail and I'll let you know my mailing address.

Page last updated: 6 January 2020