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Reviews Policy

As you can imagine, I have quite a collection of RPG material and it doesn't stop growing, particularly since I became an OBS 'Featured Reviewer' and there has been a massive amount of product sent for review! Whilst prioritising product from those companies kind enough to send me a review copy I attempt to ensure both fairness & interest by dividing my attention between 'New' product and that sent me over the past years - everything WILL get done! Of course, having been elected as an ENnies Judge for the 2013 awards has put a new spin on things, as I have to read all the entries - and writing reviews is part of my judging process. Whilst I still track everything that arrives here by any route, the 'Review Pile' doesn't reflect my system very well, so I am dropping that listing: the posted reviews will show a mix of ENnies entries, review copies and books I buy for myself (yes, I still do!).

Reviews are cross-posted to DriveThruRPG, Paizo, YourGamesNow and the publisher's own site as appropriate, and sometimes to RPGNet. Selected reviews also appear in Game Geek magazine, and on Flames Rising, The Grand OGL Wiki and G.M.S. Magazine. Suggestions for other places are welcome.

On many sites (including those I cross-post to) reviews are accompanied by a star rating or other grading system. I don't do that here, quite deliberately. It stems from my being a teacher and marking work. Students always focus on 'What did I get?' and rarely read any comments you make about what's good and what could be improved... by not giving a 'grade' it forces folks to actual read what I've said to find out what I think about a product! Of course, you can follow product links to Paizo or OBS and see the number of stars I assigned if that's important for you - it is an easy shorthand, and certain authors have been known to do a 'Snoopy Happy Dance of Joy' when I given them 5 stars!

Page last updated: 27 August 2012