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Call of Cthulhu: Classic Character Sheet Pack

Call of Cthulhu Original Character Sheet Pack

For those who liked the original style of character sheet, here they are!

Publisher's blurb: "When first released in 1981, Call of Cthulhu appeared in a 2" thick box containing the core rulesbook, Investigator's Book, Keeper's Book, a world map, A Sourcebook for the 1920s (see elsewhere in this catalog), dice, and a packet of character sheets just to get you started.

"In 1983 the box size was reduced to 1" thick and the components were slightly modified and updated. This packet contains seven two-sided character sheets from the 1" box (product number 2301), plus the original 'What's In This Box' explanatory sheet that described the game's components. These character sheets retain a certain simplicity and invitingness from that early period, and are useable with little modification. Over the years certain skill base values and naming conventions have been slightly altered, but these forms remain useful nonetheless."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Charlie Krank
Publishers' Reference: CHA2301
ISBN: n/a
Pack of 16 character sheets
Date: April 2003

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  • These don't seem to be around any more, try Ebay or similar!

Product page last updated: 30 September 2015