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Buccaneers and Bokor Issue # 7

Issue # 7

Now expanding to provide useful material not only for Skull and Bones but for any nautically-flavoured D20 system game.

Contents: -

  • A full-length adventure: Secret of the Island - the fourth and final installment of the "Governor's Prize" series, intended for 2nd-3rd level characters: The search for Montblanc's treasure leads the crew to a mysterious island on the Mosquito Coast.
  • Nautical Fantasy: An article which kicks off our new expanded focus - adding piratical and nautical elements to a standard d20 fantasy campaign! Future issues of Buccaneers & Bokor will feature material not only for historical fantasy gamers, but for nautically-themed swords-and-sorcery gamers as well!
  • The Sea Witch: A spellcasting Prestige Class - women possessing great powers that make them valuable allies or powerful enemies. Like the sea itself, The Sea Witch can help lead people to great gain, or can trap them in a watery grave.

More when I get hold of a copy!

Journal Details:
Editor: Unknown
PDF, 42 pages
Date: December 2006

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Issue page last updated: 1 January 2007