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Conan RPG: Argos and Zingara

Argos and Zingara

Places to explore, to settle in or just to exploit...

Publisher's blurb: "Welcome to Argos & Zingara, the maritime nations of the Hyborian age. Argos and Zingara are two of the most politically volatile nations of the world, where men's destinies are decided through wealth and sword. These are vibrant realms of bloody strife and darksome horror. The cities of these two nations have begun to throw off the shackles of feudalism and the nations shudder beneath the tread of the wealthy merchants, who are neither noble nor peasant. One's skills are as important as the circumstances of one's birth.

"Argos is an interesting land for a Hyborian kingdom. It is wonderfully varied. The sea-ports are cosmopolitan and liberal. In contrast, the inland provinces of Argos are peopled with more traditional, conservative farmers, craftsmen, and labourers. The roads of Argos, lined with trees, fields, and villages, are generally peaceful and the inland folk are friendly toward strangers. Nearly every village has an inn for travellers, most of whom are making their way to Messantia or one of the other port cities, or are making their way toward Zingara, Ophir or Aquilonia laden with trade-goods.

"With a command of the sea and the trade-routes, Argos has become a wealthy kingdom. It is wealthy enough to be able to raise armies for war or to hire assassins, spies and diplomats for its own brand of intrigue and subterfuge involving the other kingdoms."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Vincent Darlage
Publishers' Reference: MGP7725
ISBN: 1-905471-82-3
Hardback, 96 pages
Date: September 2006

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Product page last updated: 25 December 2006