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Conan RPG: Ruins of Hyboria

Ruins of Hyboria

Archaeology in Hyboria is not some dry and dusty study, it's the source of many an adventure.

Publisher's blurb: "There is something irresistible in the allure of decaying ruins and ancient places. Testaments to ingenuity they are, yet the civilisations fell regardless of their creativity and intelligence. The ancient places of the world have an awesome power to impress and overwhelm the viewer in a way a newer place can never hope to have. The whole air of decay surrounding such places, the sheer sense of history pervading these old locations work to provide stimulus to the dark corners of the imagination and conjure ghosts unlike any said to haunt mankind.

"There are many ruins of ancients cities and monuments scattered across the Hyborian Kingdoms, places of power that promise both great riches and terrible evils. Only recently discovered, they now beckon bold advneturers to explore their depths, overcome guardians and steal the greatest treasures."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Vincent Darlage
Publishers' Reference: MGP7724
ISBN: 1-905471-50-5
Hardback, 160 pages
Date: June 2006

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Product page last updated: 25 December 2006